Educational Farming-Agronomic for Community Empowerment

In addition to commercial farming, through Agronomic for Community Empowerment , Farm for the Future is a regional development project, in cooperation with local authorities in Iringa region of Tanzania, which will provide vocational training in agriculture for youth, local farmers and young single mothers, and create jobs through processing, and ‘value addition’ to products grown on the farm. In addition, children from local Kindergartens and students from primary and secondaryschools will get a basic introduction to the importance of sustainable agriculture, healthy food production and eventually also new forms of energy here.

Agronomic for Community Empowerment at FFF will be a good learning arena for modern agriculture combined with innovative business development. Agriculture is the main aorta of Tanzania’s economy and there is an urgent need for modernization of techniques, both for production and processing. FFF may be a place for learning and innovation for both agricultural techniques and innovation related to processing of agricultural products, as well as new and more direct channels of marketing.
Agronomic for Community Empowerment at Farm for the Future will focus on entrepreneurship and vocational training.


Systematic competence building in agriculture to all levels from Kindergartens to local farmers, young single mother and students from University, will move the Iringa region towards IOP’s vision is “New standard of living for the Tanzanian Community”.

We have already allocated substantial areas and facilities for vocational training and knowledge transfer in agriculture and value addition as well as renewable energy in the future. A strong focus will also be on amplifying and sharing the knowledge and experiences made on this ‘model farm’ nationwide by using efficient means of communication.

Target Groups
a) Youth - vocational training and work on the farm
b) Local farmers - vocational training and practice on the farm
c) Young single mothers - vocational training, work on farm, value addition and business development that IOP recently started the Young Mother Empowerment Centre for.
d) Basic introduction to the importance of agriculture for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools through a ‘training package’ and well-planned days on the farm.
e) A place for researchers to explore development in agriculture, where communication on results and use of these be prioritized
f) The ‘model farm’ will have a strong communication and media education component reaching an audience of millions across the country. Role modelling and sharing experiences and ways of doing things will be amplified through popular media, like radio, television, print and social media using and collaborating with example Femina youth media platform.